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California Hot Springs

Development of California Hot Springs started in 1882 when construction of a hotel, swimming pool and therapeutic center began harnessing the natural hot springs of 350,000 gallons of water at 125 degrees Fahrenheit flowing from the rock cliffs of California Hot Springs each day. Completed in 1920, visitors for the past 100 years have been enjoying the remarkable softness, very low-sodium, odorless, pure spring water in this unique resort. This this RV resort, plus Leavis Campground and Quail Valley Recreation Village, it serves as a perfect place to serve as your home base as your venture further in the Sequoia National Forest.

White River and Deer Creek Grove
(southernmost grove of giant sequoias)

Deer Creek Grove reserves the distinction of being the southernmost grove of giant sequoias. Reachable by a short but steep trail, the grove consists of a smattering of old-growth sequoias on a sheltered east-facing slope. The hike is worthwhile if you’re interested in seeing the southernmost sequoias, but if you’re just interested in seeing some big trees there are more spectacular groves, such as the Trail of 100 Giants, nearby.

The grove is attractively situated about halfway up a pine-covered mountain that rises above a valley of grassy foothills and features the “Wishbone Tree,” where a fire burned a hole big enough to ride a horse through this giant sequoia.

White River Campground is also nearby tent-only camping option for those wishing to get away from it all.